My husband thought I meant with him when
I used that four-letter word I’d forbade my children
“Bore”– I meant that the calendar was filled
Constant medico appointments for my many ills

Mine increased to 3 majors last week
1) Mid-year mark of foot rebuilt foot, nowhere near peak
2) Cataracts healing though weeks of eyedrops to go
3) B A D hip dislocation,scissored as I sat, doncha know!

Bored with him? Never! tho he’s so left-brained fixit
I try to learn, but my word nerd brain nixes it.
Now I truly believe in a laughing God
Who brought us together, two-gether as one bod.

June 22, 2018

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22nd on 22th

Never predicted I’d reach twenty-two

Surgeries, till I could not fit nor walk in a shoe

Cannot bear weight now surgery’s through

Forty years of spraining right ankle

Vanity excluded growth to a “cankle”

Turns out there was more going on, making it sore

Foot bone grown into tibia, pain when foot hit floor

All tendons loosed, had to be lassoed

Between x-rays and surgery two months passed: how rude

Doc got to fish out new bone chips, serves him right

Overbooked patients did not my ambulation delight!

Winter 2017 NAV

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Hurricane Balance

When there’s a hurricane hiding

How do I achieve balance, quit backsliding?

Foot’s back in Airboot, shoe caused relapse

Back to walker shuffle between pain pill naps.

Heart is heavy, so like the weather

Pressures down upon me, no light feather.

It will change, but without my control

My stalker begs a call, mail answers: really my soul.

All this so tiring body, trapped again

Should I have refused to rebuild foot,

Make each step a cleaver pain?

No, chose to get to the post-polio root.

Full year recuperation seemed doable then

One-quarter time past, would I choose it again?

Everything falls back, no passwords release

I pray, listen, meditate, hope to find a little peace.

But what of Lou, each day’s side-effects are rife

Heartbeat enabling meds make him groggy, yet he still treasures life

Last year he lost all: job, hobbies, home, friends

Left a woman scorned, condition with no amends

Our extended honeymoon just passed month ten

Will we see a year anniversary, hardly more, I ken.

One thing is certain, opinion of top medico

Lou will die in his sleep: instant widow way I know.

5/9/2018. NAV

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Mother’s Day’s Away

Counting down the days I’ve mailed to

My grandkids’ mom a card bought new, I

Didn’t realize this year it’s her birthday, too,

But FaceTiming she indicated the one would do.

How will it be for me, I review:

A package arrived but not from either of my two.

Fresh flowers often their expedited pricey buy

But if we travel away, how long would they lie

Awaiting our return on the next front porch

The blossoms enduring storm or sunscorch

Don’t yet know if I can do the roundtrip, for

Last weekend was a recuperation flop- flip

My footsteps forward went many pained steps back

In a car, how to endure without an ice pack

Hours could set healing farther back to starting line

Or if I’m cautious, all will be fine

Dilemma: be the unheard daughter; niece, cousin, wife

Not the honoree celebrated greatly in earlier life

Homemade cards, school-crafted gifts to brag about, share;

Better play it safe, cozy cat on lap in La-Z-Girl chair?

May 9 2018. NAV

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Vernal Autumn Finale

Source: Vernal Autumn Finale

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Plus and Minus

A thousand times I’ve said before

Another thousand writ–and more:

Je t’aime plus qu’hier, moins que demain

To you my favorite, dearest man

I shall always love you ‘more than yesterday, less than tomorrow’

It has been my joy, but remains my perpetual sorrow

Waiting to hear your voice in the world past pain

I’ve sensed you here, know we shall meet again.

Watching when I, time traveler, advance to the when

Forgotten are coordinates of now with then

My heart aches so for those gone  a-widowing:

One’s aunt’s husband, dear uncle, to heaven I’d sing

He, post-polio bellwether, like an older brother

I, their first “kid” 12 years till she became mother

Life and death in a helix swirl

Now I am no one’s ‘girl’

(Though they would all deny it)

Wear my solitary shoes: go on, try it!

Rarely so lonely: would that still be true

If I’d missed all those years, never been so loved by you

Loco love I had/have with  you.

               +  &  –

Jenison January 17, 2017


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How long will this pain stay with me

How often return to unsettle me

O, to know

There comes more snow

Making ambulation scary

Every step I take outdoors:wary,very

Some say that hell is fire

Purgatory snow should soon expire

Permutations we call winter weather here.


To relocate in south or west is my wish dear

Though even plane flights are hard to bare

Although destinations, lives I wish to share

It is an awesome leap to leave the net

What use to remain? Untried the bet?


For now I’ll  layer like an enchilada in wraps

Then to the mailbox, avoiding slippery traps.

Walking necessary for what ails me

Each step praying no limb fails me.


Cry, body, never

Seek sun’s warmth ever

Try till pains leave~~ forever.

                 Jenison MI  *Midwinter* 01/09/2017

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